Shalom Academy Nsukka

Shalom Academy Nsukka

Shalom Academy Nsukka

About Us

Our Vision

The vision of Shalom Academy Nsukka simply put, is to create and manipulate contents and processes. Hence our target is to produce a school with a difference.

Our Mission

The goal of Shalom Academy Nsukka is to develop and implement educational models for the building of intellectually creative and artistically preconscious children in a disciplined God-fearing and non-threatening environment that recognizes and values individual differences.

History of Shalom Academy Nsukka

The history of Shalom Academy Nsukka is definitely a case study of what total unalloyed faith in God can cause to manifest. From humble beginnings the flagship school came into being in order to fulfil the desire to ensure that a balanced qualitative Christain education at minimum cost can be achieved. After this, the need to ensure that the intellectual and high moral standard attained by children who had pased through Shalom International was not lost, hence the Academy, became established. Shalom Academy's origin actually started in 1st January 1999 when a definite statement and a clear-cut vision to start was received from God. Thereafter, 7.6 hectares of land that will compass all the school buildings was procured and consolidated. During the same year in August when the director Dr. W. Onu travelled, his wife Dr. Mrs. V. Onu taking step of faith in consonance with her husband's wishes ordered for blocks from Kings Block Industry. Five days later on his return the foundations of the schools first block was laid with the able assistance of Mr. Mathias Oti, a builder between April and July 1999. This period coincided with her return from the United States of America where she enjoyed a fullbright fellowship. Also a workshop titled GITCAN'99(Gifted Children's Association of Nigeria), which took place in Abuja with the help of resource persons Dr. Loomy Louse and Dr. Thomas Smith, of the Hatford Thinking and Creative Centre USA were on hand to commission the school among others. By August, the recruitment of staff took off after which there was a training workshop for successful teachers on latest educational teaching skills by resource persons from GITCAN. After this, advertisements for students were placed, and all prospective students then took an aptitude test. With staffs and students ready, the 4th of October saw the school begin its first academic session. Since any reasonable school should have forum for parents and teachers, the forum under the distinguished leadership of Late Dr. M. I. O. Okolo of the Department of Veterinary Pathology, University of Nigeria Nsukka was inaugurated. The P.T.F played an initial but vital role of parents, teachers and students integration.